After having spent some hours in the gym earlier, I decided to quickly take sauna and rush for dinner. It was forty-five minutes past six. I was hungry. I was tired.

As I walked along F. Torres Street to the place where I stay, a few blocks away from the gym, I suddenly noticed a man in his plain white shirt and faded blue jeans. He caught my attention as he’s giving some food to the children on the street. Assisted by some nuns and lay Catholics. I recognized it’s Fr. Lionel R. Mechavez, SM.

Fr. Long, what I usually call him is faithfully serving the Lord all these years being a Marist priest. I met him last year at Davao City Jail while having some ministerial work there, too. From then on, we became good friends.

I haven’t seen him for awhile. Meeting him in an unexpected moment earlier gave me a kind of gladness which I could not explain.

The children they’re feeding came from General Santos City. They’re selling “Silhig” (brooms) so they can have some means to go to school.

True, I was hungry. I was tired. But seeing these children on the street made me realize that they were hungrier than I was. More tired than I was

I came from the gym. And they’re from a far-away place they call home.

God reminds me again, that I am (actually, all of us are) still blessed. I can go to the gym. I can buy things for my self. I can buy food. I can travel and go to the places I want.

But knowing that there are many people (maybe those who are just next to you now) who are in need of food, both physically and spiritually. And as a Christian, there is yet a big task that God wants us to do. And you certainly know what I mean.

I promised to visit him at “Balay Pasilungan” in F. Selga St., Davao City one of these days soon.

(Edited by Julius Neil Piala. Photo from Webcore Design.)

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